ChrisTcradle ministries are solely devoted to God for the purpose of edifying His kingdom and spreading the Word of Jesus Christ to all tongues and nations. We welcome everyone to place a call into The Line, a telephone conference that can be reached every Monday @ 8 P.M. E.S.T. by dialing: 1-857-232-0156 and using access code: 847406The Line is a place where everyone is welcome to join in and become a part of the conversation. Our ministry believes in creating disciples of all nations, we are the body of Christ! Hey! I would love to become a part of this ministry, how do I join in?

Christcradle ministries

All charitable contributions are tax exempt to the full extent of the law. EIN: 46-5557718

Help Us Help Them

 You have probably heard it a hundred times before, right? Why should we care if people are without warm clothing, food or a place to call home? 


Jesus himself was considered by many a poor man and had nothing but the clothes on his back. He did not have a richly decorated house, elegantly embroidered clothing, or even  a place to lay his head (Luke 9:57-58).  All of us are poor, some wear it out in the open, while others bury it in their heart. Our goal is to provide nourishment for both.  


Here at ChrisTcradle we intend to give to the poor when they need it, and today, there are plenty who could use your help. Please consider joining/supporting us in this cause. Hey! I'm interested where can I learn more?

help the homeless
Natural Disaster Relief

 Have you ever known a family that has been devestated by a natural disaster? What about a family that survives a house fire? If you did, then you would know the pain and grief they have to endure. Their former lives are taken from them and many never gain them back. This trying period is an incredibly difficult time of coping with loss and tragedy.   


 We help the victims of a natural disaster with rebuilding a new  life by providing them reassurance and financial assistance. Please consider supporting this cause.


natural disaster relief
Save the Pets

 How many pictures of abused animals have you seen on T.V.?  Too many, there is no reason why any of God's creatures should be abused or mistreated. Showing love and compassion for what was made beneath us shows God we know how to properly provide for what He has given us control over. 


Here at ChrisTcradle we love all of God's creatures and our goal is to save the pets. We have partnered with many animal shelters to rescue animals that are being abused and find them new loving homes. contact us if you know of animals being abused. I love animals, how can I help?

save the pets