The undeniable revelation of a more powerful being than us which judging by all the information I have amassed is the very one from the Bible. This is to say, an all-encompassing love and fulfillment, all attributes point me to believe there is in fact a GOD and I have come to accept him as my GOD! The very one who will always love us and be there for us. There is no death for the believer.  I have always been afraid of the dark and even after all this, knowing is in fact a curse because now I know what is in the dark and how the dark arrived. Back then falling asleep had always been a problem because it is a form of death when the physical body ceases to be in control. That is one must let go in a sense they must surrender in order to enter into sleep or as I have come to know it, the spiritual realm.


I lay in bed my mind open and willing to receive the answer to the very question which we all pose within our lifetime what is death? But more importantly the why? So lying there I ran through my head all the scenarios I have undergone and formulated the question if there is a God one whom sets our destinies in motion then have I pleased him, or should I be, or will I? That night God himself answered me...


 I opened myself up mind body and soul to receive the wisdom which I was seeking. The next thing I knew there was an incredible sense of weightlessness and I was floating. Rather my soul was floating, I looked down and saw my body lying in bed but could feel no physical connection. The glove the shell that we all wear was removed and I was in the spirit. Denounced to me without my control I suddenly moved farther and farther away from my body. I was pulled through the roof of my apartment building and steadily ascended into the sky. At this point I was becoming increasingly terrified. I burst through the clouds and surpassed the upper atmosphere until finally I was motionless in a vast alone emptiness void which we know as space.


 I had a moment to gather myself and try to compile what had just happened. I knew space was supposedly a frozen environment and I wondered how I could still be "alive". Looking around I realized I had no limbs, no body to damage and a calm came over me. I looked down at Earth and it was beautiful a magnificent sight to behold. Try to understand that I had no physical eyes through which the perception was taking place. There was no defective vision it was clearer than crystal and I could feel everything around me without touching it. In the spirit realm your "senses" are heightened to a magnitude which frankly is not explainable here on Earth in this form.


Immediately I was encapsulated with a warm pleasant joy, an all-encompassing love surrounded me so much love that we cannot fathom the capacity and no one would ever want to leave its presence. There was no form or function no shape to this entity but at that moment I knew God was near. During this experience a transmission of communication began (everything is communicated via telepathy in the spirit realm).


  I was told "I am the Lord your God" and motioning to Earth he said "these are all my children". Then the warmth left me and I was terrified once again, alone. He said "these are the events which must come to pass to the sinners of Earth". I looked up to my right at the moon and it was shaken. Chunks of the moon hurled into the Earth's atmosphere all ablaze and were landing on people crushing them instantly. He then let me feel a minuscule amount of the pain that was inflicted upon him for having to do this. It was not the physical pain of the humans getting killed but the pain and suffering of our creator because so many sinners had to be destroyed. He then let me see giant tropical spreads of rain forest turned to desert and many parts of the Earth were desolate and barren. I could not bear the pain anymore and cried out several times "Why God Why?” He then returned me back to my body where I awoke in the most mental anguish I have ever been. I so wanted to return to the warmth and love of my God.



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