Are You Satisfied?

Reflections on the book of Hosea

Hosea 13:6 "When I fed them, they were satisfied; when they were

satisfied, they became proud; then they forgot ME"

This is a question I believe is very appropriate for believers, but

particularly for leaders, so let us ask ourselves, are you satisfied? It is

amazing how GOD correlates being satisfied with an arrogance or a pride that

soon forgets about HIM or in other words, eyes that are no longer centered on

HIM. The leaders during this time started to forget about the purpose, or they

became satisfied with their position, status, or accomplishments with GOD. Are

you satisfied with where you are right now? With what you have accomplished

right now? Ok, few people heard you preach, teach, call you a Pastor, Prophet,

Teacher, Apostle, mighty man of GOD or whatever name...but is that it? Are you

satisfied? The LORD said I will fill you with living water, which is a well

that never runs dry. Is your well dry? Do you find yourself going through the

motion now with reading, praying, church, worshipping, fellowshipping, marriage,

or just the things GOD calls you to do? Are you satisfied? Does the GOD you

serve have a stopping point? Are you bored with JESUS? Have you reached your

full potential? Have you out grown GOD? Have you found the end to the ONE who

has no ending? Is your race completed? Have you reached your cap on souls

being saved? Have you lost focus on the eternal purpose for your life? The

harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few..why...because many become

satisfied. So today as we fast in the book of Hosea, reflect on yourself, your

walk with GOD, your purpose, every area in your life...are you satisfied?

Vice President,


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