Exodus: Gods & Kings?

Be cautious of the new movie Exodus: Gods & Kings. At times we can perceive a movie to be made to be of the LORD but in reality it is far from it. The director, Ridley Scott, is a well-known atheist and now prefers to be called agnostic. His depiction of the event is not exactly how the Bible states but from a non-convert perspective, to retell a story of two brothers that were separated, & at the same time profit from the CHRISTian market. The scheme of the enemy is to have us perceive events in the Word of GOD as just make believe stories & not take them as truth, i.e. the last movie Noah. Let us all be aware of the enemy's schemes so that he might not outwit us (2Cor 2:12) & instead of supporting these movies with our money, lets pray for them that eyes might be opened to our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

That same 10 dollars to see this movie could be used to feed someone.

Vice President,


#movie #exodusgodskings #ridleyscott


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