Will the rapture happen as you think?

The word rapture does not appear in the Bible and many hope for instantaneous relief from this world before Gods wrath is poured out. Do not be mislead, to think you will be saved early and not have to endure pain and suffering is ludacris. There are only two individuals in the Bible who were saved by God; Elijah, and Enoch. The majority of individuals in the Bible had to go through mass persecutions and suffering for those who were not saved. We as Christians have chosen this life to live and die as Christ did just as His disciples were persecuted so to must we endure these trials. The beast will be given power over the earth to subdue and kill any Christians before the coming of our Messiah Jesus Christ. Hold true and live every day as it were your last, die to self continually, and do not be taken by the devils scheme that by some means you will be saved before God judes the earth. Peace and blessings beloved!

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