Today, as instructed, I release more revelations Holy Spirit has taught me about GOD'S Mercy and how it is a piece of what represents the Emerald Gemstones of New Jerusalem's Foundation Wall mentioned in Revelation 21. If this is your first post you are reading about this topic, please go back to read about "The Fragrance of the 12 Foundation Stones & 12 Pearl Gates" (which is just an introduction to this blog with a bit of revelation) and "Part 1: The Fragrance of the One Who is an Emerald Mercystone".

Psalm 41:1 and 4, “Blessed is he that considereth the poor: The LORD will deliver him in time of trouble…I said, LORD, be merciful unto me: heal my soul; for I have sinned against thee.” GOD’S Mercy is an Emerald-colored, get-out-of-jail-free-card like in the game Monopoly or like when someone is in holding in jail or prison and gets bailed out by Emerald colored money, laughing out loud! Our troubles could be two-fold…One view is that we may have fallen into the trap of the enemy in an area in our life and when this happens, we end up in spiritual bondage. It is here we call upon GOD like David did throughout Psalms and plea for His Bail of Mercy that we may receive healing, which is the job of our Redeemer; therefore, we can be confident that He will come to our rescue. How? When we humble ourselves before The Lord and ask of His Help, we cannot sufficiently do this without sincere confession of what we have done wrong and repenting in our hearts. As we do our part like so, GOD will do His which is coming to our rescue. For His Word is true: “If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land,” 2 Chronicles 7:14.

The other aspect of trouble refers to the time mentioned in the Bible as “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble” (Jeremiah 30:4,7) and “The Great Tribulation” (Matthew 24:21). GOD’S Mercy is applicable to escape this time of trouble when we pray that we may be counted worthy to escape those things that shall fall upon the earth and that we may stand before the Son of Man (Luke 21:36). People will not escape because they have “lived right, gone to Church every Sunday, my parent/spouse is saved, are a minister of any type, etc.” They will be able to be counted worthy because they will have sought GOD (James 4:8) and made Him their refuge through abiding, resting peacefully under the shadow of His Wings of protection and mercy (Psalm 91).

Now, there is also another revelation of Mercy found in this scripture of Psalm 41 and it is in the form of GOD’S people who are Merciful, who then would be like Emerald Gemstones. Isaiah 57:1 NKJV says, “The righteous perishes, and no man takes it to heart; merciful men are taken away, while no one considers that the righteous is taken away from evil. The next verse (Isaiah 57:2) says, “He shall enter into peace; they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness.” Here GOD is revealing a paradox in being an Emerald.

****SIDE BAR****

You might be thinking, "Well, wait... this is definitely a mystery...the righteous perish as in die, like a funeral takes place where they are dead and buried? And they are taken away from evil?...this can't be right. Sooo… isn't it considered evil or bad if someone dies or is it saying we must die to escape evil? Doesn't the Bible talk about the righteous being blessed and saved?...there definitely has to be more to this...hmmm. Do the righteous and merciful suffer and die or live and are protected? I mean, which one is it GOD? Lord, I don't know, I don't recall studying this scripture before." These are the questions I asked The Lord when presented with this scripture. But, then came the 'Ahaaa! Thank you Lord moment'... For He had brought back to mind the pattern He has, is and, yet, will continue to show me all throughout the Bible of there being two groups of His people such as: most of the people on earth before the flood & the 8 of Noah's household, Ishmael & Isaac, the 11 sons of Israel & Joseph, the 10 spies who were afraid to go into the Promised Land & the 2 who were not (Joshua & Caleb), the House of Israel/Jacob (10 Tribes) and the House of Judah (2 Tribes), the majority of Jews who did not return to Jerusalem after the Babylonian Exile & the few who did, the many disciples of Jesus & the Apostles chosen/closest to Him, the many Believers who feed on the milk of His Word & the Believers who feed on the meat of His Word, Believers who are the Foolish Virgins & Believers who are the Wise Virgins, Most Believers & The Remnant (which is implied by the constant mention of "The Remnant" or the "Few Laborers" (many are called but few are chosen)...and there are many other references where Holy Spirit reveals this concept to those who would even desire to read and understand it.

For many, including myself at one time, have always believed the Bible is speaking to only the Believer and the Unbeliever not thinking of why an Unbeliever would want to really read the Bible; on top of the fact that no one can even truly understand what's written without it's meaning being revealed to them via Holy Spirit. Now, I'm not saying Unbelievers don't read the Bible. They do but one of either two things happen: they give up reading it because they don't understand it, without first sharing their misunderstandings unfortunately, OR they become a Believer because Holy Spirit has illumined them to The Truth. The Bible is actually not only a Supernatural Guide with volumes of books for leading people to a right way of living as true followers of Jesus Christ, it also contains teachings from Genesis to Revelation that identify the Character and Likeness of Father God in the person of Jesus Christ, offers edification through encouragement, gives examples & mysteries of how to become like Jesus and warnings of His judgements for sin; GOD has made it so that Scripture explains itself by itself many times as one's eyes are opened by Holy Spirit!

For these reasons, the Bible is speaking to GOD'S people who have been entered into a "Special Salvation Race" where they can obtain His Grace and MERCY to allow Holy Spirit to perfect their lives while running this race, if they so choose. This means the two main groups of people the Bible is cherished by are those who will not finish their race AND the ones who will make it to the finish line; all of these people fall somewhere between the starting line of "Salvation" and the finish line of "Full Sanctification" in their walks with GOD. Obviously, if sanctification in fullness doesn't happen, then this means that it happens only in part or not at all. In these cases, it doesn't mean that a person has lost their salvation. However, it is possible that some may drop out of the race to run any other race (all other races leading to Destruction) altogether when their running gets too tough to bear, forgetting & forsaking their Helper who got them into this special race in the first place. But then, they were never really committed to this race with their eye on the prize: JESUS. Hopefully, as many as possible will run this Salvation Race to not just be "in it" but to make it to the finish line and claiming the prize!

Ok, so in continuing to look at a break down of Psalm 41, it is showing two different groups of Christians based upon where it says in verse 2, “each one walking in his uprightness”. Notice the scriptures say “The righteous” and “They shall rest in their beds”, then comes the separation of a semi-colon in both verses, which after them it says “merciful men”...“He shall enter into peace”. Therefore, the first group in verse 1 called “the righteous” represent most Believers who have obtained salvation but they may not walk in all GOD has called them to (1 Corinthians 5:15, Ephesians 5:14-18); consequently, they will die prematurely so that they will not lose their salvation or have to suffer greater calamity (Ecclesiastes 7:17, Isaiah 65:20, 1 John 5:16): this is GOD’S Mercy (This group does not include true Martyrs). It is further evidenced in verse 2 that the righteous are also the majority of Believers, hence the plural “They” reference, and they are in beds which shows spiritual slumber (1 Thessalonians 5:10), ending up physically dead from this world. The second group is referred to as “merciful men” and a singular “He” which represents the few, the remnant, The Bride, The Merciful Emerald Gemstones which are of the Body but not the Body in its entirety (Matthew 25:1-13). And they “enter(s) into peace” which is GOD’S Peace or Rest, not the rest according to man. Nonetheless, GOD also shows Mercy to the Mercystones in that they were Chosen first by GOD and not the other way around (Ephesians 1:4,11).

Basically, another way of looking at this revelation is like the modern concept of “Rapture” (means to be caught up/away). One group (The Merciful He) is caught up/away (1 Thessalonians 4:17) while the other (The Righteous They) is left behind and will be of the multitude of nations and tongues of Revelation that will appear in Heaven who comes out of the Great Tribulation (Revelation 7:14), as Apostle John was able to foresee.

Psalm 37:26, "He is ever merciful, and lendeth; and his seed is blessed." Remember from Part 1 that GOD is Thee EMERALD MERCYSTONE and here in this scripture, His Mercy is available and open 24hrs/7days a week like The Kingdom of Heaven Credit Union that offers Emerald (Mercy) Loans. This Loan is actually one that does not require payback (Romans 6:10, 1 Peter 3:18). How much GOD lends is according to how much a Believer surrenders one’s life to GOD and allows the process of Sanctification (2 Timothy 2:21, 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Hebrews 10:14, 2 Peter 1:2-4). But, it does seem that His Mercy Loans are for qualified buyers that are “of HIS Seed” and, of course, there are qualifications to meet loan criteria such as repentance and belief in The Good News (John 3:16; 14:6). The Bible states in Genesis 3:15 that there is a serpent seed and the seed of The Woman…two seeds: Son of Perdition and Jesus Christ. So, as this Psalm states, those who are the Seed of Christ Jesus will receive GOD’S Mercy through His Emerald Loan which are the blessings and promises GOD made to Abraham for his seed (Galatians 3:16,22,26). How awesome is this Emerald Mercy Loan in that it helps us to gain access to the glories of GOD which is not just around the clock, but also exists outside of time and into eternity! Truly lovely and immeasurable it is and, yet, shall be…for it is written, “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

Peace and Mercy to all Saints everywhere!

Shamarra Smith

[I must make mention that each revelation is just one of a number of revelations for each scripture, as is the case for any revelation a person receives when instructed by Holy Spirit. For the Word of GOD has depths of revelation and is purified seven times (Psalm 12:6). The Bible can ONLY be understood through Holy Spirit and not from a human perspective (1 Corinthians 2:7-16).]

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