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 Have you ever asked yourself, what am I doing here? or What is my purpose in life? Your purpose in life is not about pleasing yourself; it's about pleasing the one who sent you. How do you please God? Simple, you put God first and make Him a part of everything you do. You alone have the key that determines your sentence.    



Matthew 16:19

stop talking



  What is the CHRISTian walk to you? Is it a part-time job, a Sunday service church experience, a family tradition, merely a word or label that you hide behind to hide your luke warm ways?  CHRISTianity has to go beyond simply just words from our lips or part-time prayer/Bible reading, or confinement within the four walls of a building. 


 CHRISTianity is meant to impact the world and the world can only be impacted through a converted life. A life that belongs to JESUS, that understands the severity of HIS love that cradled us so that love may cradle another. Is HIS love not enough for us to live for HIM daily? Is HIS love not enough that HIS will deserves to become the priority of our lives? 


 How long will you continue to procrastinate on what HE called you to do? How long will you continue to make excuses of why you can’t live fully for HIM instead of finding reasons of why you cannot stop living for HIM? Are you always talking about putting your hands to the plow but spend most of your time looking back? Is HE not worthy? Did HE not give HIS all to save you? Our walk MUST go beyond simply just words…. someone else’s soul is waiting on it, you were saved for a reason! 


Antwan Piper, 


Acts 4:12

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Matthew 10:28



Your spiritual Self.


 Have you found your spiritual self? The most important thing to realize when walking with Christ is that you don't have a soul, you have a body... You are the soul. The body can be broken and destroyed but the soul, your soul, cannot be damaged unless you allow it. Your body is merely a glove that will be removed upon your passing away from this world. From the dust we were formed and to the dust we shall return.


 The soul is also where God resides and directs a Christian's path. What tells you to help a person in need? What convicts you with guilt when you turn your back on someone you love? You do, your soul and the Holy Spirit does. With the Holy Spirit being love and the essence of Christ, it has no choice but to convict the body and hold the flesh accountable. Align your will with the will of God and your soul will celebrate with joy when you follow God's commands. 


 It is written in Jeremiah 1:5 that God knew you even before you were placed in the womb. We come into this world with God already having a will for our life. Whether we follow His will or our own is completely up to us. Who will you follow?  

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